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Having An Aligned Team

“Many hands make light work.”

This ancient proverb is at the core of achieving success. Or maybe you prefer the TEAM acronym – Together Everyone Achieves More. Either way, the sentiment is the same: No one effectively does well at anything alone.

This is why it’s important to not only have ‘a team’ but to have an ALIGNED TEAM - one of the six fundamental elements of the Premium Profit™ business model (we’ll elaborate on the others a little later).

According to the Growth Institute, “An aligned team is a team who aspires to achieve the same vision, understands the goals, and is made up of individuals who understand how to contribute their strengths to them. When people are aligned to do what needs to get done, things can get done a whole lot faster and a whole lot easier.”

To elaborate, this means it’s important to play to a team member’s strengths. Examine not only what the team member is good at, but also what they enjoy doing. People tend to perform more optimally when they do work they enjoy. It is a tradeoff that helps the organization and employees excel.

In addition to increased productivity, performance, and communication, the institute says an aligned team increases motivation and morale.

Your team represents you and your company. A team - whether composed of internal employees or external contractors - that is aligned with your organization’s vision will be successful at carrying out its mission and ultimately improving your bottom line.

So as you look for valued team members, ask yourself, “Does this person align with the overall vision I have for my company’s present and future goals?” If the answer is no, be sure to politely pass on the collaboration and search for someone who does.

As a matter of fact, you should be hiring, developing, and firing your team according to your overall vision for your organization.

The journey to success is a two-way street when it comes to building your aligned team. Just as an employer has certain expectations for team members, it is equally important team members are properly compensated in order to build trust.

When skillset, passion, and trust combine, it becomes easier for your team to align; and when this happens your organization will be one step closer to fulfilling the vision you’ve set for it.


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