From Accountant to Advisor for Women-Owned Small or Solo CPA Firms

Empowering CPAs to Make a Difference 

Traditional services offered by CPAs are becoming less valuable to business owners as automation in tax and accounting software is becoming more popular. Offering your services at low fees to stay competitive is not viable if you want a healthy work-life balance. 


If at any point you have wondered:  


  • “How can I stay competitive?” 

  • “Am I pricing my services correctly?” 

  • “How can I differentiate myself as a CPA?” 


Becoming a Business Advisor/Virtual CFO is the solution. We know transitioning from traditional Tax and Accounting Services can be difficult, that is why our programs strive to empower you.   


At DesCPA Business Advisory we take a holistic approach by working on your mindset and then going into more technical and actionable work. By completing our programs, you can increase your growth opportunities and add more value to your clients. Our programs are: 


  • “I’m Ready to Be an Advisor” is our 6-week program. By the end of the course, you will know how to step into your identity as an advisor, how to price your services according to your value, and how to “sell” without “selling”.  


  • “I’m Ready to Scale My Firm” is an optional supplemental 4-week course where you will learn how to scale your firm for growth.  


  • “I’m Ready to Go All In” is a program for those who are ready to commit to all 10 weeks at once. As an additional benefit, you get a discounted price.  


Our courses include one-on-one coaching sessions, worksheets, and assignments to keep you on track.  


Take the next step in becoming a Business Advisor. 


"…I wanted to position my firm to move from traditional tax and accounting to providing advisory services and after a short time working with Lydia, I am well on my way. I signed my first five-figure business advisory client and it has given me the confidence to revamp my firm for the future…”

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