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Business Advisory & Fractional CFO

Specialized in Empowering Women-Owned Law Firms

As a law firm owner, chances are managing the business side of your firm gives you anxiety. We know you would rather spend time practicing law, but you should not overlook your business and financial management. 


Is the person doing your financial management, adding value to your law firm, or are they just doing basic accounting and bookkeeping? You deserve to have the firm and life you envision for yourself, but you will not achieve it by settling for the bare minimum.


How confident are you with answering the following questions?


  • How is your cash flow?

  • Do you know how to maintain profitability?

  • Do you have the proper pricing structure?


If it is anything less than 100%, it is a sign that you need more done for your law firm.


As your Business Advisors/Fractional CFOs, you will have a diverse team to guide you through every financial aspect and add value to your business. We center our process on your firm by using a forward-thinking approach to build a financially sustainable business that allows you to have a healthy work-life integration.


We are aware that every law firm’s goals, needs, and challenges are different, so our process starts with a discovery meeting. After understanding your firm’s situation, we will develop a strategic plan in collaboration with you and your team to implement customized solutions that improve your operations, net profit, and cash flow. We will also determine metrics to measure your growth and success. 

We look forward to working with you on an ongoing basis while constantly requesting feedback to ensure we stay aligned with your goals.

Take the next step in obtaining what you envision for yourself!


“I love how the meetings are professional and organized. It has been a huge weight off my shoulders to have a professional involved in firm finances and I genuinely enjoy the meetings. Lydia has wonderful energy and insight, and I feel that she truly cares about my business.” 

Need advice? Let's talk.

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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